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Colin Kaepernick Is A Jerk

And for those who don’t like the title of this post, too bad.  I’m exercising my First Amendment rights.

OK, in this country the pampered, overpaid “role model” (as he describes himself) has a right to sit down during the playing of our national anthem.

But, has he ever attempted to figure out how he got that right?  I doubt it.  Let’s make this fairly short and sweet.  He has that right because over the centuries millions of men and women have fought for those rights, and many of them paid the ultimate price.  Our country is not perfect.  We know that.  But, it sure is a lot better than many (most) others.  Let’s see this pampered athlete get a 12 year $114 million dollar contract some place else.  Better yet, let him relocate to another country and see what happens to athletes who don’t show respect for their country’s flag and anthem.  North Korea comes to mind.  He’d be shot by anti-aircraft guns as Kim Jong Un makes an example of him.

He’s biracial.  I get it.He feels really bad about some recent events.  I get it.  But why dishonor all those who fought for his rights to protest?

I am reminded of Pat Tillman who gave up a promising and financially rewarding NFL career to serve his country.  And he paid for his patriotism with his life in Afghanistan while serving as an Army Ranger.  Hey Colin, ya wanna make a statement?  Enlist in the military.  Find out what it’s all about.  Why don’t you enlist?  I’ll tell ya why.  Because you don’t want to give up your millions, and more importantly you don’t have the cajones to serve.  I don’t care how big your tattooed biceps are, you are a punk piece of trash.

Oh, in case you are wondering: US Army, SSG, 1964-1968 including Vietnam 67-68.

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Mitt “The Wimp” Romney

This man is really starting to tick me off.  I am starting to regret ever having voted for him four years ago.

His constant put downs of Donald Trump are getting to be annoying.  Especially coming from a man who had the chance to become president and blew it, big time.

So Mitt, tell us one more time, please, how you are not going to attend the Republican convention.  Good, stay home. Crawl into the corner of your room, curled into a ball and watch a real man get nominated and then do what you couldn’t do, become President of the United States.  Maybe you can invite that other loser (Jeb Bush) to join you.

Guess you are going to feel bad when President Trump appoints conservative justices to the Supreme Court.  Guess you are going to feel bad when he helps to turn our economy around, and gets jobs for us.  Guess you’re going to feel bad when he does negotiate good trade deals. Guess you’re going to feel bad when he secures our borders against illegal immigration, including those that would perform terrorist acts against our country.  Guess you are going to feel bad when the money we are spending on providing benefits to illegal aliens gets used for our veterans who need better health care. Anyway, Trump doesn’t need, and probably by now, doesn’t want your support.


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Obama Ignores Shooting Deaths of Police Officers

Our racist-in-chief has shown his true colors. This is a very interesting story to read, and unfortunately the facts, the number of police officers killed in the line of duty this year, are accurate. And, this year is only 6 weeks old.

Obama’s pandering to certain elements of society is obvious. If a police officer does overstep his or her authority they should be held accountable. But to assume that all officers do that is intolerable. The loss of fine officers in the line of duty, and not one word about it from POTUS is equally intolerable. Of course he won’t show sympathy for these officers. It’s not on his agenda. Add to that the fact that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also ignore the deaths of these fine individuals is abominable.

Read the story here.

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Obama Is Such a Fool

In a recent speech in Chicago he blames the way the US Congress is set up as being the reason he can’t get some items passed.  Dummy, other presidents have worked with congress, especially when there was a strong imbalance.  He can’t get his stuff thru congress because he does not know how to work with congress, and because he has shown that many of his programs suck.

Read what this former constitutional professor said:


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Time to Impeach Obama

OK, let’s keep this short and sweet.  Barack Obama is supposedly a professor of constitutional law.

Well, let’s just say it has blown it, has violated the constitution at least 15 times, and deserves to be impeached.  Regardless of party affiliation, it is time for the US Congress to put a stop to the flagrant disregard for the rule of law that this man has shown.

Congress did pass the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  That stinks, but it is law.  Actually, I’d like to see the whole thing gutted and started over.

Obama, has on his own, made 15 changes to the law (or delays of implication of some parts).  Which is what the Republicans wanted to vote on a couple of months ago when we had the sequester situation.

The thing is Obama cannot, on his own make these changes and/or delays.  It would take a vote of congress, the passage of a new law, to do that.  Even if the new law only made the changes for those 15 items.

He has usurped the powers of Congress, and what is worse, they are letting him get away with it.

Congress needs to do at least two things:

1. Codify the changes that Obama has made on his own.  And then work on a rewrite, total change to that ridiculous piece of legislation.

2.  Impeach Obama for usurping Congress’ responsibility.  By usurping Congress, Obama has committed acts of “high treason”.

We won’t even at this time discuss his complicity with the Benghazi situation or the IRS involvement with the investigations into the approval of certain 501c(3) organization applications.

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Old Fogies

Received this in an email today.  Well worth passing on:

They like to refer to us as senior citizens, old fogies, geezers, and in some cases dinosaurs.  Some of us are “Baby Boomers” getting ready to retire.  Others have been retired for some time.  We walk a little slower these days and our eyes and hearing are not what they once were.  We have worked hard, raised our children, worshiped our God and grown old together.  Yes, we are the ones some refer to as being over the hill, and that is probably true.  But before writing us off completely, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

In school we studied English, history, math, and science which enabled us to lead America into the technological age.  Most of us remember what outhouses were, many of us with firsthand experience.  We remember the days of telephone party-lines, 25 cent gasoline, and milk and ice being delivered to our homes.  For those of you who don’t know what an icebox is, today they are electric and referred to as refrigerators.  A few even remember when cars were started with a crank.  Yes, we lived those days.

We are probably considered old fashioned and out-dated by many.  But there are a few things you need to remember before completely writing us off.  We won World War II, fought in Korea and Viet Nam .  We can quote The Pledge of Allegiance, and know where to place our hand while doing so.  We wore the uniform of our country with pride and lost many friends on the battlefield.  We didn’t fight for the Socialist States of America ; we fought for the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”  We wore different uniforms but carried the same flag.  We know the words to the Star Spangled Banner,  America , and  America the Beautiful by heart, and you may even see some tears running down our cheeks as we sing.  We have lived what many of you have only read in history books and we feel no obligation to apologize to anyone for America .

Yes, we are old and slow these days but rest assured, we have at least one good fight left in us. We have loved this country, fought for it, and died for it, and now we are going to save it.  It is our country and nobody is going to take it away from us.  We took oaths to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that is an oath we plan to keep.  There are those who want to destroy this land we love but, like our founders, there is no way we are going to remain silent.

It was mostly the young people of this nation who elected Obama and the Democratic Congress.  You fell for the “Hope and Change” which in reality was nothing but “Hype and Lies.”

You have tasted socialism and seen evil face to face, and have found you don’t like it after all.  You make a lot of noise, but most are all too interested in their careers or “Climbing the Social Ladder” to be involved in such mundane things as patriotism and voting.  Many of those who fell for the “Great Lie” in 2008 are now having buyer’s remorse.  With all the education we gave you, you didn’t have sense enough to see through the lies and instead drank the ‘Kool-Aid.’  Now you’re paying the price and complaining about it.  No jobs, lost mortgages, higher taxes, and less freedom.

This is what you voted for and this is what you got.  We entrusted you with the Torch of Liberty and you traded it for a paycheck and a fancy house.

Well, don’t worry youngsters, the Grey-Haired Brigade is here, and in 2014 we are going to take back our nation.  We may drive a little slower than you would like but we get where we’re going, and in 2014 we’re going to the polls by the millions.

This land does not belong to the man in the White House nor to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  It belongs to “We the People” and “We the People” plan to reclaim our land and our freedom.  We hope this time you will do a better job of preserving it and passing it along to our grandchildren.  So the next time you have the chance to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Stand up, put your hand over your heart, honor our country, and thank God for the old geezers of the “Grey-Haired Brigade.”

This is spot on.  I am another Gray-Haired Geezer signing on.  I will circulate this to other Gray-Haired Geezers all over this once great county.

Can you feel the ground shaking???  It’s not an earthquake, it is a STAMPEDE.

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Close the White House – We Own It- Close It

We as taxpayers own the White House. If there is a government shutdown, let the current occupant move back to his house in Chicago.  Why are we paying for the household staff (the cooks, bakers, grounds keepers, butlers, etc.)?  They are non-essential.  Let Michelle get off her fat butt and cook dinner (and breakfast and lunch).

What are the utility costs for the White House?  Why are we paying for them?  Heck, since the sequester tourists can’t even visit it.

Obama has insulted our veterans.  He, who has done nothing to defend out country and our countrymen.

Want a story about a real patriot?  Read this one:


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