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Are The Libs and the MSM Really That Stupid?

Or do they think that the rest of America is?

These idiots are complaining about Trump asking for the resignations of 46 US Attorneys, and when one didn’t resign, he was summarily fired.

Don’t these lamebrains realize that folks that serve as a US Attorney serve at the pleasure of the president.  Don’t they realize that asking for the resignations of the current individuals is standard.  Every president, including their beloved Obama has done it.  And, it is more prevalent when the incoming president is of the opposite party.

These Libs and the MSM are so perversely obsessed that they will bitch and complain about anything and everything Trump does even if it is the same procedure that members of their own party have done.

They are making themselves look stupid and gaining a reputation as obstructionists.

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The Hypocrisy of the Democrats Knows No Bounds

Amazing isn’t it?  The Dems complaining about Republicans meeting with the Russian Ambassador, but they did the same thing, and lied about it.  Among them that flake Pelosi, idiot Schumer and our lying next door neighbor Claire McCaskill

The Dems need to wake up.  Their arrogance about knowing what is best for America is what cost them the election and in the past couple of years the loss of over 1000 seats in state legislatures and the US Congress.  Add to that the increase in Republican Governorships.

Instead of being obstructionists to the Trump admin they need to get on board with working for the good of the country.  If they don’t, as Trump does in fact make America great again, they will be more on the outside looking in, especially in the 2018 elections.

Let’s talk more about Russia.  Who got a pass on millions of dollars from the Russian?  Who else but the Clintons.  Want to read something interesting about that?  Click here to read this very interesting article from Fox news.

Sidebar:  Would you believe?  Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch still want you to believe that they only talked about grandkids and other mundane items in that plane.  One lies and the other swears to it.

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Students at Univ. of Michigan Show Their Stupidity

And, if the administration at that college caves to their demands, then they are stupid.

What am I talking about?

How about:  “UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism”

Read the whole story here:

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Whining, Crying Liberals are Being Used

We have seen it since Donald Trump was elected.  The whining, crying liberals with their protests, that “he’s not my president”.  Question, what would these idiots have said if the 61,000,000 people who did not vote for Obama did the same thing?  They’d be crying and screaming.  They will whine and cry even as Trump gets this country back on the right footing.

Do these folks realize the difference between peaceful protests (which they have every right to participate in) as compared to riots, assaults, and destruction of property?

How many of the protestors are believers in what they are doing or how many are paid agitators?  Amazing as to how quickly some of these “handwritten” signs pop up.  What about the non-handwritten ones?

Are there groups that are actually underwriting these demonstrations?  Like George Soros or Obama’s Organization for Action?  Is Obama actively trying to undermine Trump?  What would have happened if Bush did that to Obama?  Are these groups actually looking to create more and more physical confrontations?  How many windows can be broken?  How many vehicles and businesses can be torched? How many police will allow objects including bricks and Molotov cocktails to be thrown at them? How many people will be physically attacked by these thugs before folks start fighting back?

And that is what I am talking about.  These thugs and their sponsors are, IMHO, pushing for more physical confrontations.  They want to foment physical confrontation among the American people. They are not patriots, they are looking to destroy America and obtain through violence what they could not get at the ballot box.

Side note:  The first movie I ever saw, many years ago was “Out of Africa”.  I didn’t like Meryl Streep way back then and I still don’t like her.  She is overrated.

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Free Speech Does NOT Exist in California

Shame on the radical left wing liberals/democrats at UC Berkeley.  A scheduled event by a conservative speaker was not just meant with protests, but with violence.

Free speech allows folks to protest events that they disagree with.  But when these protests turn violent, setting fires, destroying buildings, physically attacking people that disagree with them, then that is wrong. Apparently the left wing liberal democrats feel that speech is free only if you agree with them

What is really troubling is the lack of forceful commentary by democratic leaders (Clinton, Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, and the former Community Organizer in Chief Obama) to be critical of these animals.  Yes, they are animals.  Human beings do not incite riots and violence.  Obama was probably watching the news and smiling.

How many of the folks who set fires, attacked law enforcement, attacked other people, etc. were arrested?  How many will pay the price (jail) for their actions?  Where was the liberal mass media, those dishonest pieces of garbage?  Why weren’t they editorializing about this event?  they sure as heck would have if the situation was reversed.  Performing criminal acts have consequences.  Let’s see the civil authorities in California pursue criminal charges.

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To The Idiots That Boycotted the Inauguration

OK, so we had about 70 members of the US House of Representatives boycott the inauguration of Donald Trump.

What a bunch of idiots.  First, they are trying to “delegitimize” his election.  Well these dummies need to be reminded of their oath of office to support the Constitution.  His election was most definitely legitimate by the Constitution.  If you don’t like the way the Constitution reads there are legal ways to change it.  But, be careful what you ask for.  Especially when it comes to these elected democrats.  Remember what they did with the rules in the senate?  Those rules changings are now coming back to haunt them and now they are crying about that too.

Back to the boycott of the inauguration.  What they did was to dishonor the Constitution and our country’s history of peaceful transition of power, not only to a new president, but also to a new political party.  These idiots needed to show allegiance to our country and the rule of law.  One of the commentators covering the inauguration mentioned the fact that in Gambia the new president was unable to move into his official residence because the old president was refusing to turn it over.  Troops from neighboring Senegal were moving in to help the new president.  That is a scenario that unfortunately is played out at different locations all over the world.  That is why these idiots needed to show the world that we have a system in place that rises above that.

And, while we are at it, what about those folks that rioted in DC?  Breaking windows, starting fires, attacking law enforcement and a myriad of other transgressions.  These are the same liberal democrats who preach diversity, acceptance, and all of those other neat buzz words.  What a bunch of a$$hole hypocrites


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Four Washington State Electors Defect – From Clinton

Ya gotta love it.  What goes around comes around.

Four electors in Washington State bolted from Hillary Clinton.  Three voted for Colin Powell and one went for Faith Spotted Eagle.

Update 4:30 PM CST  Tim Kaine wins 8 Washington state electoral votes for Vice President; Elizabeth Warren, Susan Collins, Maria Cantwell and Winona LaDuke all win 1

Wild………………………….seems like the dems have their share of faithless electors.

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