Are The Libs and the MSM Really That Stupid?

12 Mar

Or do they think that the rest of America is?

These idiots are complaining about Trump asking for the resignations of 46 US Attorneys, and when one didn’t resign, he was summarily fired.

Don’t these lamebrains realize that folks that serve as a US Attorney serve at the pleasure of the president.  Don’t they realize that asking for the resignations of the current individuals is standard.  Every president, including their beloved Obama has done it.  And, it is more prevalent when the incoming president is of the opposite party.

These Libs and the MSM are so perversely obsessed that they will bitch and complain about anything and everything Trump does even if it is the same procedure that members of their own party have done.

They are making themselves look stupid and gaining a reputation as obstructionists.

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