Free Speech Does NOT Exist in California

03 Feb

Shame on the radical left wing liberals/democrats at UC Berkeley.  A scheduled event by a conservative speaker was not just meant with protests, but with violence.

Free speech allows folks to protest events that they disagree with.  But when these protests turn violent, setting fires, destroying buildings, physically attacking people that disagree with them, then that is wrong. Apparently the left wing liberal democrats feel that speech is free only if you agree with them

What is really troubling is the lack of forceful commentary by democratic leaders (Clinton, Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, and the former Community Organizer in Chief Obama) to be critical of these animals.  Yes, they are animals.  Human beings do not incite riots and violence.  Obama was probably watching the news and smiling.

How many of the folks who set fires, attacked law enforcement, attacked other people, etc. were arrested?  How many will pay the price (jail) for their actions?  Where was the liberal mass media, those dishonest pieces of garbage?  Why weren’t they editorializing about this event?  they sure as heck would have if the situation was reversed.  Performing criminal acts have consequences.  Let’s see the civil authorities in California pursue criminal charges.

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