Unbelievable What the Libs Are Doing to the Electoral College

19 Dec

Have you seen it on TV?  Read it in the newspapers?  The hypocritical liberals are making an all out assault on the members of the electoral college.  They are emailing, snail mailing and calling them in an attempt to get them not to cast their electoral ballots for Donald Trump.  Some individual electors have said that they have received thousands of emails and even phone calls at 1 and 2AM.

And where are Obama, Clinton and all of the other liberal leaders?  If the situation was reversed they’d be screaming their left wing heads off.  Oh wait, Obama and family are in Hawaii for their annual Christmas vacation.

Clinton apparently received more popular votes than Trump.  This is a fact.  But look at where that came from.  Most of her extra votes came from California and New York.  Trump won more states.  The electoral college was designed so that large states (and cities) did not control the national elections.  I for one would not want the attitudes of most Californians to determine who our national leadership should be.  The state that has given us Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi.

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