Does Michelle Obama Suffer From Crarec Syndrome?

17 Dec

Well, does she?

She gets interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and claims that with Trump coming into office that there is no hope for America.

No hope?  Where has this purveyor of crummy food for our children been?  Let’s see, since the election the stock market has been on an upswing.  Carrier and Ford have changed plans about relocation of facilities and loss of personnel.  U S Steel has announced that they are now looking at reinstating 10,000 jobs and IBM has put their number at 25,000.  Even the Navy is looking to increase its fleet by over 40 ships.

Is this what Michelle Obama calls no hope?  Like many of the Clinton supporters she is in denial.  She needs to open her eyes and see what is happening.  Funny, if the outcome had been reversed she would have been lambasting anybody who claimed that Hillary showed no hope for America.  What a bunch of ungrateful sore losers.  They forget how respectful “W” was when they moved into the White House.

Trump is going to shake things up, for the benefit of all Americans.  We are sooooooooooo fortunate that he won the election.

Oh, if anybody is wondering, crarec syndrome is short for cranial rectal inversion……when one’s cranium is tightly lodged in one’s rectal passage and suffers deterioration caused by toxic matter and gases and repeated muscular contractions on the cranium.

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