Army/Navy Game AND The Donald

11 Dec

Yesterday was a great day for the Corps of Cadets as  Army defeated Navy 21-17 snapping a 14 game (14 year) losing streak. Made this old army vet happy.

Then, to make it even greater our President elect Donald Trump went to the game.  When his arrival was shown on the stadium monitor both sides of the field went wild with positive, forceful cheering.  These young men and women, our future military leaders, knew who would be a supportive CINC for their future endeavors, and they knew it would not be Hillary Clinton.

Now, before the crying, mentally distressed, liberal whiney crybabies start complaining that Trump should not have been there that it should have been Obama, remind them that the last and only time Barack Hussein Obama attended an Army/Navy game was 2011.

Here’s a link to some photos/videos.  There are others out there.

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