Will the “MILLENNIALS” Make It in the Real World?

08 Dec

Wow, every day I am wondering more and more if these people will make it in the real world.

Some are sooooooooo distraught by the election results that they need safe space rooms where they can go to have their feelings assuaged by using teddy bear, play doh, and coloring book therapy. Are you kidding me?

Some have even stated that they are so distraught that the only things that will get their minds squared away is to have their student loans forgiven AND for their school to cancel final exams. Seems they can’t concentrate on studying for those exams. And many of them are having their parents support them on these things.

These are supposed to be out next generation of leaders?  And how will they raise their children?  If they can’t handle the psychological effects of an election will they be able to handle divorce, loss of a relative (especially a child), or getting fired from a job? And what about being involved in combat to preserve out country and our way of life?

Click on this You Tube link. It sums it up.

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