Whining Liberals and Their Gutless Leaders

13 Nov

Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” – President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009.

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 I am getting a little ticked off at the riots, vandalism and outright criminal activities being perpetrated by the whining, sniveling, liberal losers of this recent election.  Freedom of speech is one thing, demonstrating for what you believe in is one thing.  but, turning those demonstrations into criminal acts by destroying vehicles, businesses, tossing lighted projectiles at law enforcement, physically attacking those who disagree with you, that is something else.

And where are the gutless leaders, Obama and Clinton?  Why isn’t Obama out there reminding these liberal freaks of his comments from 2009?  Why isn’t he out there and why isn’t HRC saying something, about sending in federal agents to protect the civil rights and liberties of those that these liberal criminals are ignoring?

How many of these demonstrators are getting paid for their services?  How many are being brought in to create these disturbances?  Are folks like George Soros behind these activities?  How many of these demonstrators are illegal aliens?  Islamic jihadists?

Obama is gutless……………guaranteed if the Hildabeast had won, and there were demonstrations like these against her, with the vandalism, looting, arson etc, he would have been involved days ago.  And where is the Hildabeast?  Why isn’t she out there telling her followers that this is wrong?  Well, she won’t, because like in other ways she is a two faced piece of garbage.  Hmmmm, she excoriated Trump for his comments from 11 years ago, but gets all positive about the things that Jay-Z and Beyoncé say in their songs.  (Have you heard any of those lyrics?)

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