Hypocrisy and Locker Room Banter

11 Oct

I will try and make this short and to the point.

The recent furor over Donald Trump’s comments from 2005 has brought out many comments.  Many of which are negative.

Now, let’s get real:

  1. Any man who is critical of Trump’s comments needs to reflect on their own comments over the years.  How many of them (particularly these high and mighty members of the Republican establishment) have made sexist locker room comments in the past?
  2. How about the women?  C’mon gals, be honest. When women get together are you going to say you don’t participate in your own brand of locker room talk?  Are you going to tell me that when women get together they don’t talk about how men “measure up” and other sexual details?

Quit the hypocrisy.

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