Some More GOP “Leaders” Who Suck!!!!

07 Jul

Let’s add these folks to the list of idiots who are not attending the Republican convention.  How about Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte and, are ya ready?  Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

These whiney cry babies are unhappy with the ascendancy of Donald Trump.  Like other Republican “elites” and “leaders” they feel they know better than the people as to what is good for the people.  Many of these folks are concerned that Trump will split the party.  Idiots, they are the ones that will split the party for not listening to the people.

Let’s recap it:  More people have voted in this year’s Republican primaries than ever before.  More people have voted for Trump than any other Republican primary candidate, ever.  And that comes with the fact that the field started with 16 announced candidates.  Don’t these fools realize that it is their elitist attitude that has caused the people to back Trump?  And he will garner Democratic party votes.  People are fed up with government as usual.  Republicans are fed up with having majorities in both houses of Congress and the Republican leadership kissing Obama’s behind.

Trump will defeat Crooked Hillary and the elites will be replaced by people who care more about this country than their own individual status.

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