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Mitt “The Wimp” Romney

This man is really starting to tick me off.  I am starting to regret ever having voted for him four years ago.

His constant put downs of Donald Trump are getting to be annoying.  Especially coming from a man who had the chance to become president and blew it, big time.

So Mitt, tell us one more time, please, how you are not going to attend the Republican convention.  Good, stay home. Crawl into the corner of your room, curled into a ball and watch a real man get nominated and then do what you couldn’t do, become President of the United States.  Maybe you can invite that other loser (Jeb Bush) to join you.

Guess you are going to feel bad when President Trump appoints conservative justices to the Supreme Court.  Guess you are going to feel bad when he helps to turn our economy around, and gets jobs for us.  Guess you’re going to feel bad when he does negotiate good trade deals. Guess you’re going to feel bad when he secures our borders against illegal immigration, including those that would perform terrorist acts against our country.  Guess you are going to feel bad when the money we are spending on providing benefits to illegal aliens gets used for our veterans who need better health care. Anyway, Trump doesn’t need, and probably by now, doesn’t want your support.


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