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Another Son of Obama

Hmmmm, just like Trayvon Martin, if Obama had a son would he look like this individual?

Just curious……………..

Where is the outrage from Jesse Jackson, Al (I owe millions to the IRS, my buddy Obama says it’s OK) Sharpton etc?  Where was their outrage in Virginia the other day, or in Hesston KS?

Clue ’em in folks………….ALL lives matter.


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Obama’s Sons

Remember when our racist-in-chief announced to the world that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin? And that was before any investigation had been done

So, I wonder, could either of these individuals be his son?

Ronald W Hamilton, accused of killing a police iofficer, who was on the first day of her job, check it out here

Or maybe this could be his son, if he had one, Cedric Ford,

It is amazing though that the reacist-in-chief has seldom if ever made any comments of sympathy towards those in law enforcement who have been killed in the line of duty.

I do wonder sometimes, if he is really trying to instigate a race war?


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Obama Ignores Shooting Deaths of Police Officers

Our racist-in-chief has shown his true colors. This is a very interesting story to read, and unfortunately the facts, the number of police officers killed in the line of duty this year, are accurate. And, this year is only 6 weeks old.

Obama’s pandering to certain elements of society is obvious. If a police officer does overstep his or her authority they should be held accountable. But to assume that all officers do that is intolerable. The loss of fine officers in the line of duty, and not one word about it from POTUS is equally intolerable. Of course he won’t show sympathy for these officers. It’s not on his agenda. Add to that the fact that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also ignore the deaths of these fine individuals is abominable.

Read the story here.

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