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Gun Control Won’t Fix This

A very common sense approach to the fact that illegal use of firearms is a people problem NOT a gun problem.

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Obama Is Anti-American

It’s been a long time since I have posted on this blog.  Recent events have made it necessary for me to voice my opinion on Obama and our 2nd Amendment rights.

True to form he has used the tragedy in Colorado Springs to call for a push in gun control legislation.  Make no mistake about it, his goal is to disarm all law abiding citizens.

I’m not going to sit here and quote statistics.  Just going to approach this item from a common sense point of view.  First, his description of “assault weapons” is based on appearance, not functionality. Appearance does not make a gun an assault weapon.  Just like a sporty looking car is not a true sports car or a sexy looking woman is not a prostitute.

Some of the Orwellian laws passed in the past couple of years in certain jurisdictions would not have stopped mentally incompetent folks from obtaining weapons.  Ask the governor of Connecticut if the laws passed after Sandy Hook would have stopped Sandy Hook?  They would not have.  Look at Chicago.  It’s been said many times that if gun control worked then Chicago would look like Mayberry RFD.  Criminals and mental incompetents are not going to legally purchase guns as a rule.  They will obtain them illegally.  Limiting the capacity of a rifle magazine will not stop criminals or mentally incompetents.

Creating and or keeping “gun free zones” is just an open invitation to criminals.  Almost every violent situation was committed in a “gun free zone”.  Why?  Because the perpetrators knew that they would be unchallenged until help arrived which usually would take awhile.  That is why we not only need to eliminate “gun free zones” but we need to make sure that qualified individuals properly armed are in place at those locations.  Why did the Aurora Colorado movie shooter pass up a bunch of movie theaters that were closer to his home?  Because they were not posted as gun free and he did not want to have responsibly armed individuals challenging him.  I was happy to hear the Washington, DC police chief recently come out in support of the “run, hide, fight” concept when a facility is experiencing an active shooter.  Many police chiefs, and school districts are getting on the bandwagon for that.  Look it up.

Why does the mainstream media not publicize those situations where responsibly armed Americans have curtailed active shooter incidents and/or saved the lives of individuals who were threatened with severe bodily harm or death by a criminal element?  Local media across the country runs the info,  but the national mainstream media does not pick it up.

Like many before him Obama took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution.  Well, he has done and is doing anything he can to subvert that Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment.  He wants gun confiscation………it is so simple and obvious.  Those who cannot see that are blind.

Common sense MUST prevail.  This is NOT a Republican or Democrat issue.  This is an American issue, and regardless of party affiliation we cannot allow our rights to be subverted.  It is incumbent upon all of us, regardless of party affiliation to let our elected officials know that we do not want our rights to be subverted.  And these officials, regardless of party affiliation, must insure that they will “preserve, protect and defend” our Constitution.


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