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Gun Free Zones-Another Misguided Individual

In today’s Kansas City Star (7/30/14) an individual submitted a letter about how she attempted to get local movie theaters to post no guns signs in their theaters. Apparently, not only did they not post the signs, they never replied to her.

I had no choice but to submit my own answer. It is below. I do not know if they will publish it or not:

Reference the letter published 7/30/14 by Mary Fran Zeller.
Placing of “No Firearms” signage in movie theaters would not make for a safer environment. The writer mentioned the Aurora Colorado incident. Is she aware that that was a “gun free zone”? Or that the shooter passed up 5 or 6 theaters because they were not posted.
Most mass casualty shooting incidents take place in “gun free zones”. The reason for that is that the perpetrator knows there probably will not be anybody there to challenge them. Law abiding citizens will honor those signs. Criminals, bent on inflicting severe bodily harm will not. They will ignore those signs. What was the management of the theater in Aurora supposed to do? Tell the shooter he couldn’t do that because there was a sign? Hit the shooter with the sign?
The writer should only hope that if she is in a theater and some crazy decides to emulate the Aurora situation that there is a person legally authorized to carry who can stop that shooter.
Gun free zones are invitations to criminals that they can act unimpeded.
By the way, I am a grandfather.

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