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Magpul and Beretta Confirm New Locations

It has taken awhile (these things don’t happen overnight) but Magpul and Beretta have both announced their new locations.  And, they are in 2A friendly states.

Magpul will be relocating manufacturing to Wyoming, and its corporate headquarters to Texas.  I believe it was in the Denver Post that there was an editorial that said “good riddance” when Magpul announced that they would be looking to relocate.  Good for Magpul

Beretta has decided that their newest plant will be built in Tennessee.  They will still maintain certain facilities in Maryland, but who knows how long that will last?  At least Maryland is not getting the new facility.

For more info on the Magpul move, go here

For more info on Beretta’s new plant, go here

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Misguided Group in Overland Park, KS

Ahhhh, the folks at the Gun Violence Prevention Project in Overland Park, KS are at it again.

Yes, another group that speaks from emotion and not logic.  Now they are upset that if certain government organizations (including universities) want to post the no guns allowed signage, that they are going to be required to provide security.  Naturally this group is concerned about the cost of the security. What about the cost of an unsecured facility?

Here’s the basic logic behind the Kansas law which requires the security in public buildings if the no gun signs are posted:

1.  Law abiding citizens will comply

2.  Criminals will not.  Did a gun free zone stop the situations in Aurora or Sandy Hook?  Nope.  The perpetrators knew they would not be met with any resistance.

3.  A security system (metal detector and an armed guard) can stop a perpetrator from entering the facility, much better than a sign that says no guns.

4.  A no guns allowed sign just tells the bad guys that it is an open kill zone.  Personnel who could otherwise be lawfully armed will be unable to defend themselves or others.

Oh well……………………….

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