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Time to Impeach Obama

OK, let’s keep this short and sweet.  Barack Obama is supposedly a professor of constitutional law.

Well, let’s just say it has blown it, has violated the constitution at least 15 times, and deserves to be impeached.  Regardless of party affiliation, it is time for the US Congress to put a stop to the flagrant disregard for the rule of law that this man has shown.

Congress did pass the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  That stinks, but it is law.  Actually, I’d like to see the whole thing gutted and started over.

Obama, has on his own, made 15 changes to the law (or delays of implication of some parts).  Which is what the Republicans wanted to vote on a couple of months ago when we had the sequester situation.

The thing is Obama cannot, on his own make these changes and/or delays.  It would take a vote of congress, the passage of a new law, to do that.  Even if the new law only made the changes for those 15 items.

He has usurped the powers of Congress, and what is worse, they are letting him get away with it.

Congress needs to do at least two things:

1. Codify the changes that Obama has made on his own.  And then work on a rewrite, total change to that ridiculous piece of legislation.

2.  Impeach Obama for usurping Congress’ responsibility.  By usurping Congress, Obama has committed acts of “high treason”.

We won’t even at this time discuss his complicity with the Benghazi situation or the IRS involvement with the investigations into the approval of certain 501c(3) organization applications.

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