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More Info on the Doe Run Lead Smelter Closing

A reader of this blog sent me a link to an article which has some very interesting info in it.

It explains that the plant closing was based on actions prior to Obama becoming president.  As much as I do not like him, or his policies, it appears that he had nothing to do with this.

Also, it points out the capabilities of the secondary smelters which would indicate that we will not be scrambling to purchase ammunition.

Please read the article at:

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Additional Info on Lead Smelters

I did a little more searching and came up with this info:

Apparently new EPA rules did shut down our only lead smelter FOR IRON ORE. There are 3 others, all much larger, who re-smelt lead and have many times the capacity of the only one doing lead from ore. It’s a tragedy that miners will probably be out of work, and of course those who worked at this plant, but don’t worry about enough lead around to make bullets. We are OK, and all ammo will not be imported going forward. Besides, California has already banned ammo with lead (idiots) but many makers are manufacturing bullets with copper/alloyed materials only, no lead, except perhaps a trace in the copper that makes it machinable.

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Is This a Backdoor Approach to Gun Control?

Is the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) being used as a tool to control lead production and subsequently ammunition production?

Two very interesting articles that explain it a lot better than me.  The first one is from the NRA and the other is from Allen Best:

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