POTUS = Piece of Trash of the United States

05 Oct

This idiot, who is serving as president has taken the government shutdown to new lows.  His closing of open air memorials is nothing more than a whiney cry baby tantrum from someone who wants it all.

Open air memorials are those that are outside, usually have no walls, are accessible 24/7.  People go there, look, think, meditate and then leave.  This arrogant piece of garbage is spending more money to erect barricades and bring in park rangers and police than if they were left in their normal environment.

Kudos to those aging WWII vets who took down those barricades.  For some, it could be the last time they get a chance to be there.  And get this, this arrogant idiot had the Vietnam Memorial closed off.  He is trying to blame this on republicans.  Got news for you Barry baby (you who have never done anything to defend your country), this will backfire on you and your democratic pawns.

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