A Response to my Post of 8/15/2013

22 Aug

A reader of my blog sent this:


“………….losing it.?” I hate to tell you, my friend, but I believe our freedom of speech, along with freedom of expression and many others, has already been systematically lost (removed) over the course of the ‘don’t want to offend anyone’ presidency. And it’s likely he’s not done yet. Along with firearms issues and our impending loss of medical coverage through the looming Obamacare Act, one can only wonder what other surprises this arrogant, self-serving president might have in store for us during the remainder of his reign. After all, it’s like he himself admitted after winning re-election, ‘I can be more flexible now. I’ve got nothing to lose.’


In addition, on the clown issue, it’s also like an article in the LETTERS section of today’s KC Star pointed out (What about Bush?), “Would there been as much of an outcry if the clown had worn a George W. Bush mask?” I seriously doubt it. I would suspect that had that happened when Bush was president most people, including the scandal promoting Press, would have taken it as the joke it was intended to be and just laughed it off. In addition, with Bush being white, there would have been no racial or prejudice overtones either.

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