What Has Happened to Free Speech and Expression?

15 Aug

Many folks have probably heard about the rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair who has gotten into trouble for wearing a mask of President Obama.  In a nutshell, he has been banned from any future appearances at the fair, and other individuals have resigned.

Over the years I have seen Nixon, Reagan and others parodied in many ways including the wearing of masks.  One of America’s favorite comedians, Bob Hope, made it a staple of his act over the years to come up with real far out jokes about whoever the President was at the time.

Now, there is talk of sensitivity training for those participating in the rodeos.  C’mon folks………when we can’t poke fun at national figures we are losing it.  I agree with others that this is a subtle form of limiting dissent and could get worse down the road.

Anyway, a Congressman from Texas has invited the clown to perform in Texas.  For more info on this situation please go here:

Additional info is here:

And this:

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