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CDC Research Backfires on Obama

This is great.  One of Obama’s Executive Orders directing the CDC to research gun violence has apparently backfired on him, big time.

And yet, the mainstream media has been pretty quiet on this.

For substantially more info please go here:

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88 Year-Old WWII Vet Beaten to Death

What a senseless killing.  A wounded veteran, 88 years old, beaten to death outside an Eagles lo0dge in Spokane, Washington.  Apparently the police have one of the attackers in custody and are looking for the second one.  Where is the outrage over this?

More info on the story here

One of the earlier reports is here

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Email to the Kansas City Star

The following was sent to the KC Star, specifically to the following individuals:

Mi-Ai Parrish, President and Publisher

Mike Fannin, Editor and VP

Jeneé Osterheldt, Columnist


A few weeks ago when Ms. Osterheldt’s opinion piece about concerns for her husband was given front page notoriety I was tempted to write at that time.

Fortunately, I did not.  Now, seems like a better opportunity.  Where is the outrage, and concern about the recent shooting in Oklahoma where three young black men allegedly killed a young white gentleman just for the heck of it.  Where is the concern for people who want to take a jog around the block?  Where are the national demonstrations against this type of apparent hate crime?  Where is the federal government attempting to intervene?  Where is the POTUS on this issue?  He has conveniently kept quiet.  As a matter of fact, one of his spokepersons Josh Earnest recently did a Tijuana Two Step about this.  Info at

Where are the two biggest racists in America on this one?  I am of course referring to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  With regards to Al Sharpton, Ms. Osterheldt might be too young to remember the Tawana Brawley affair.  Who, by the way has been tracked down and is now having her wages garnisheed.

I will be posting this letter on one of my blogs  Should any or all of you desire to reply, you may do so, and I will post the reply(ies) without editing.

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A Response to my Post of 8/15/2013

A reader of my blog sent this:


“………….losing it.?” I hate to tell you, my friend, but I believe our freedom of speech, along with freedom of expression and many others, has already been systematically lost (removed) over the course of the ‘don’t want to offend anyone’ presidency. And it’s likely he’s not done yet. Along with firearms issues and our impending loss of medical coverage through the looming Obamacare Act, one can only wonder what other surprises this arrogant, self-serving president might have in store for us during the remainder of his reign. After all, it’s like he himself admitted after winning re-election, ‘I can be more flexible now. I’ve got nothing to lose.’


In addition, on the clown issue, it’s also like an article in the LETTERS section of today’s KC Star pointed out (What about Bush?), “Would there been as much of an outcry if the clown had worn a George W. Bush mask?” I seriously doubt it. I would suspect that had that happened when Bush was president most people, including the scandal promoting Press, would have taken it as the joke it was intended to be and just laughed it off. In addition, with Bush being white, there would have been no racial or prejudice overtones either.

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What Has Happened to Free Speech and Expression?

Many folks have probably heard about the rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair who has gotten into trouble for wearing a mask of President Obama.  In a nutshell, he has been banned from any future appearances at the fair, and other individuals have resigned.

Over the years I have seen Nixon, Reagan and others parodied in many ways including the wearing of masks.  One of America’s favorite comedians, Bob Hope, made it a staple of his act over the years to come up with real far out jokes about whoever the President was at the time.

Now, there is talk of sensitivity training for those participating in the rodeos.  C’mon folks………when we can’t poke fun at national figures we are losing it.  I agree with others that this is a subtle form of limiting dissent and could get worse down the road.

Anyway, a Congressman from Texas has invited the clown to perform in Texas.  For more info on this situation please go here:

Additional info is here:

And this:

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An Arrogant President

Many articles have been written recently about the President’s vacation to Martha’s Vineyard with regards to the cost, which overall is reported to be in the double digit millions.  With various government activities being curtailed because of sequester his Arrogance-in-Chief apparently doesn’t care.  People can’t take a family vacation to DC and tour the White House, but he can spend millions of our money to entertain his family.

What would be wrong with a nice country vacation at Camp David?  Folks on Martha’s Vineyard are going to have roads closed and be inconvenienced for his highness..

Here is one of the articles:

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PTR Industries Leaving Connecticut

PTR Industries is relocating from Connecticut to South Carolina.  What is interesting is that in Connecticut they employ 40 people but plan on having a work force of approximately 140 in south Carolina.

See info at

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