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Chicago, Latest Urban Area to See Military Exercises

The U S Army is in the process of conducting urban military training exercises in Chicago.  This is not the first metropolitan area to see these types of exercises.

Much more info is available at

When one considers Obama’s strong efforts to curtail the 2d Amendment Constitutional right of Americans and these various urban training exercises there are various scenarios that come to mind and they are not very cheerful.

Anyway, check out the info above.

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Recall Election to Proceed in Colorado

This information from the Washington Times:


DENVER—Colorado Gov. John  Hickenlooper set Sept. 10 as the date for the state’s first-ever legislative  recall election Thursday after a judge rejected a lawsuit aimed at stopping the  recalls of two Democratic state legislators.

Denver District Court Chief  Judge Robert Hyatt  said the recall may  proceed, ruling that the right of citizens to recall  officeholders outweighed  the technical objections to the petitions  brought by constituents of Senate President John Morse and state Sen.  Angela Giron.

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Bye Bye Napolitano

It’s official, Janet Napolitano aka Big Sis is on her way out of the DHS.  I feel sorry for the employees and students of the University of California  system, but she is now their problem.

Remember the old caveat?  Be careful what you wish for, your wish just might come true.  Now the question becomes who will replace her?

We must be vigilant and remember that who Obama appoints will be an extension of Obama.  The senate must perform super due diligence to insure that the right person is placed in that position.


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