Magpul’s Final “In Your Face” to Colorado

29 Jun

In a final “in your face” to the State of Colorado, Magpul is giving away 1,500 30 round magazines at a special “Farewell to Arms” festival today.  Also, they will be offering folks attending that festival the option of purchasing 3 more for only $10 each.

Ya gotta love Magpul……………they talk the talk AND walk the walk.  In addition to relocating outside of Colorado as a result of that state’s new draconian anti-gun laws, they have also joined Colorado sheriffs in a lawsuit to have the new state laws declared unconstitutional.

The loss of over $80 million in taxable revenue from Magpul is not the only financial hit that Colorado will be taking.  Various suppliers to Magpul will also be relocating to other states, and there is a movement to curtail outdoor tourism packages (hunting, camping, fishing etc)

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