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Magpul’s Final “In Your Face” to Colorado

In a final “in your face” to the State of Colorado, Magpul is giving away 1,500 30 round magazines at a special “Farewell to Arms” festival today.  Also, they will be offering folks attending that festival the option of purchasing 3 more for only $10 each.

Ya gotta love Magpul……………they talk the talk AND walk the walk.  In addition to relocating outside of Colorado as a result of that state’s new draconian anti-gun laws, they have also joined Colorado sheriffs in a lawsuit to have the new state laws declared unconstitutional.

The loss of over $80 million in taxable revenue from Magpul is not the only financial hit that Colorado will be taking.  Various suppliers to Magpul will also be relocating to other states, and there is a movement to curtail outdoor tourism packages (hunting, camping, fishing etc)

For more info on the free magazine give away go to

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Magpul Offering 40 Round Magazines, In Colorado

Magpul Industries is offering for sale in Colorado a 40 round magazine that has been in development since 2010, according to them.  The purpose is so an individual can be better prepared if faced with multiple threats and for military personnel on operations that would reduce the number of mags they have to carry.

The sale of the magazines in Colorado is going to get in under the wire of the deadline of July 1st, where those items will no longer be legal for sale.  Any items purchased prior to July 1st are grandfathered.

More info at

Recently Magpul had a special sale of their 30 round magazines with proceeds going towards the cost of the lawsuit that had been originally filed by sheriffs in Colorado claiming Colorado’s new laws are unconstitutional.

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Petitions Certified to Recall Colorado State Senate President

In an article in the Denver Post it has been reported that the Colorado Secretary of State has certified the petitions to recall State Sen John Morse.  According to that article there were substantially more than enough valid signatures on the petition.

Morse is the current State Senate President and was a primary mover in getting Colorado’s new highly restrictive, anti Second Amendment laws through the legislature.  In a separate action a lawsuit has been filed by many sheriffs in Colorado to have the new state laws nullified as being unconstitutional with regards to the US Constitution.

A claim has been made that the petitions may not have contained the proper wording.  More on this as it becomes available.  Please read the article linked above to obtain more specific info.

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Local Organization is Misleading

I’ve written about them before, in Overland Park, KS.  The Gun Violence Prevention Project.

One thing they have done is attempted to take credit for getting businesses to post no guns signs.  They don’t realize that gun free zones = kill zones.  Anyway, on their site they take credit for a high volume of these signs at

Well, I posted the following comment on that item.  And this is what I posted:

Some very important errors on your list. Drove by some of the places today 6/15/13: 1. Hy-Vee at 95th and Antioch does NOT appear to have a no gun sign posted. 2. Drove the west and north sides of the Oak Park Mall. Stores with outside entrances, J C Penney, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Five Guys, American Girl, Barnes and Noble were NOT posted. Neither was the Macy’s free standing furniture store. Folks can walk in those outside entrances with no problem about carrying. The Mall entrance and the Food Court entrance were posted, but those stores with exterior entrances with no postings are not restricted. Wonder how many other places on this list are not posted that you folks are claiming credit for?

Maybe more merchants are realizing that it is true that gun free zones = kill zones.  This group was even upset that they couldn’t get a movie theater to post.  Well, let’s look at Aurora Colorado.  The perpetrator there drove past two theaters that were not posted to get to one that was…………..and he turned a gun free zone into a kill zone.  But they won’t learn.  They think a piece of paper is going to stop a criminal.  Yeah, right!!!!!!!!

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Gun Free Zones = Killing Zones

Gun free zones are nothing more than killing zones.  The Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter passed up 2 other theaters that did not have that restriction?  Why?  Because in the tgheater where he went nobody could or would stop him.  Sandy Hook elementary school was a gun free zone.

And now we have Santa Monica College in California.  Yes, another gun free zone.

More info here


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Colorado Legislators May Pay a Heavy Price

Several Colorado state legislators are facing the possibility of recall elections after their blatant attacks on the 2d amendment with arbitrary and capricious new laws.

It has been reported that at the top of the list is Senate President John Morse.  Apparently, those individuals running the petition campaign for the recall have obtained more signatures on those petitions than Mr. Morse received votes when he last ran.  Ironically, it appears that many democrats have signed these petitions.

Apparently the voters of Colorado do not feel that these individuals are properly representing them.

More info at

Add this to the fact that two companies are already moving out of the state (Magpul and HiViz) the actions of the Colorado legislature can have a very detrimental financial impact  on the state.  Then consider the hunting and tourist trade that they will be losing.

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How Old is Old Enough?

There have been various debates for quite some time as to how old a person should be before they can buy firearms.  Generally, folks over 18 & under 21 can purchase long guns and ammo, but for handguns and handgun ammo an individual needs to be 21.

I see a conflict here.  I entered the US Army at age 17 (with parental consent) and was taught how to use an M-14, a 1911A1 45 and various other items.  At 19 I was in Vietnam and became familiar with the M16 and the M60.  Now, in today’s military we have many individuals who are under 21 and are highly trained on various firearms.  In places like Irag, Afghanistan (and yes Vietnam) it is not only the combat soldier that has to know what to do, non-combat personnel are thrust into situations that require action.  Our military personnel are not only taught how to use a weapon effectively, they are also taught other important skills.  These include proper maintenance and cleaning, and very importantly, safety.

Add to those who have or are currently serving are many people who are under 21, over 18, and who have obtained laudatory skills with firearms.  These are individuals who have gone hunting with family members, participated in organized shooting competitions, and may also possibly belong to a JROTC unit.  They have taken various safety classes including many sponsored by the NRA.  They understand what a firearm is, what it can do, and how to safely use and store one.

Arbitrary age barriers are nonsense.  Training, education and skills are, IMHO more important.

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