Chicago, Poster Child for Gun Control? A Joke!!

27 May

Much has been written about Chicago, and the State of Illinois.  Recent action at the capital indicates that Illinois may soon join the rest of the country with a concealed carry program.  In a previous post I provided info that the DOJ has shown how violent crimes have decreased, and this is obvious in those areas that have concealed carry, especially in locations that have “shall issue”.

Previously I quoted an item that said “If gun control worked Chicago would look like Mayberry not Thunderdome”  Well, reading an article this morning brought that home again, So far this weekend 17 people have been shot in Chicago, 6 were killed.  When people are prohibited from defending themselves, they become easy targets of malcontents.

All of this reminded me about the item below.  It does make a point.

A Tale of Two Cities

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