Do NOT Get Complacent

26 Apr

Just because the anti-second amendment people were held in check recently in the US Senate this is NOT the time to get complacent.

Recent actions in Colorado, Connecticut and New York show that there are still ways that those who are anti-second amendment can chip away at the rights of the citizenry.  Actions are pending in some other states, most notably Maryland.

It is also ironic that most of those states want those companies that are established there, to remain there, yet they can’t do  or are restricted from doing business in those states.  But, those states would receive the benefits (tax income) from sales outside of their states.  Example:  Magpul is planning on leaving Colorado.  That is good.  If they had stayed thee would have been sever restrictions on the sales of their products in Colorado.  But, if folks in let’s say Kansas bought their products, that would be positive for their bottom line and then Colorado would have benefited from that.  Cheers to Magpul for not putting up with Colorado’s nonsense.

Apparently there are some challenges to the new laws being planned in those states.  That’s good.  Many firearms and accessory companies are adjusting their marketing so as not to sell to government agencies in those states.  That is good.  Now, folks must politely suggest to companies (manufacturers of firearms and accessories) that are still located in those states that they relocate to more friendly states.  More info on that later.

Remember please…… NOT get complacent………..stay vigilant.

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