Local Anti-Gun Group Misleads, Again!!!!

21 Apr

An Overland Park, Kansas anti-gun group again misleads the public.  The Gun Violence Protection Project on their web site at makes the following statement:

“Gov. Brownback signed a law that will allow people to enter almost all public buildings except schools with concealed carry weapons. Tip for librarians and city hall clerks: Don’t press a patron too hard to pay an overdue fine or disputed tax. It’s not smart to piss off somebody who might be packin’.”

What this group fails to say is that the bill will actually make public buildings saferPublic buildings will still be permitted to post the “no guns” signs, but if they do, then they have to provide security to include detection equipment to insure that nobody with a gun gets into the building.  Currently, law abiding citizens honor the “no guns” signs, but those bent on perpetrating violent actions could care less.  Proof:  Look at the places where mass shootings have taken place……….gun free zones.

Retail establishments are not affected by the new law.  As such, retail establishments that post the “gun free” signs are in actuality inviting criminals to perpetrate their horrendous deeds since they know that nobody in those places will be prepared to offer a defense.  So, look at the list that they have published at

Some individuals might want to download these two files.  They can be used on any standard blank business card sheet available at most office supply stores.  Run the card sheet through your printer using the side one template. Then run it through reversed so as to print out the side two template.

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