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13 Apr

On April 9th I posted an item below about a group that is encouraging merchants in Overland Park KS to post those No Gun Signs.  As discussed, and as it has been proven, a majority of mass violence attacks (almost all of them) have taken place in supposedly gun free zones.  And the reason for that is because an individual bent on creating a violent act knows that they will not be opposed.

Anyway this group has a web site and they posted the names of 120 merchants that they have convinced to post those signs.  One of these merchants is the Oak Park Mall and their 185 stores.  Since I have shopped there I was curious as to what they are going to do to protect their customers since they do not want their customers to protect themselves..  So, I sent the senior executive listed on the mall’s web site an email on 4/9/13.  To date I have not received a response.  The letter is below:


Dear Mr. xxxxx, 

The web site for the Oak Park Mall lists you as the Associate General Manager and that is why I am contacting you with these comments and questions.

 According to the web site for the Gun Violence Prevention Project your mall and the associated 185 merchants are listed as having posted signage not allowing guns on the premises.

 Naturally, the choice to do that is yours to make, and you do have that right.

 Curious though, are you aware that most venues that have unfortunately experienced the effects of massive violent events were “gun free zones”?  The theater in Aurora and Sandy Hook Elementary were two such venues.  What happens is that law abiding citizens will honor those signs.  Individuals bent on creating catastrophic events could not care less about those signs.  Ergo, those signs become open invitations to those of a violent nature to commit their dastardly acts as they know they will go unchallenged

 As such, I am curious as to what measures you have put in place to protect those who you do not want to protect themselves (holders of concealed carry licenses)?  Do you have sufficient armed security personnel to respond within seconds of an event?  Are you doing anything to insure that nobody enters the mall with a gun?  Again, people who obey the law will not enter, but criminals can bring guns in.  Unless you are prepared to screen all individuals entering, then you have taken away the ability of law abiding individuals to protect themselves.  The Overland Park PD, as good as they are, would have in most cases a delayed response time.  That response time can be further exacerbated by “blackout minutes”.   Check with the OP PD. You might be surprised as to how many “blackout minutes” they have a month.  Those are the minutes when all officers on a shift are actively engaged and unable to respond to additional calls.  This is a problem that is not unique to OP, but to many cities in the area.

 I look forward to your response.  Oh, so there is no misunderstanding, a copy of this email, along with your response (in its entirety if you provide one) will appear at

 Thank you,



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