They Just Don’t Get It

09 Apr

When emotions override common sense and logic it doesn’t work.

In Overland Park KS an organization has popped up called the Gun Violence Protection Project.  Their web site is at

They are encouraging merchants in Overland Park to post those “No Guns Signs” and they even list 120 merchants who have done so.

In their eager beaver attempt to prevent violence they are actually IMHO encouraging certain businesses to become wide open killing fields.  Fact, most of the mass violent crimes were committed in supposedly “Gun Free Zones” including the theater in Aurora CO and Sandy Hook  elementary school. Why?  It is simple to explain. When a business posts a “No Guns” sign the ones who will honor that are the law abiding individuals, especially those with concealed carry permits.  The individual bent on creating a violent situation couldn’t care less about that sign, except that it tells them that there is nobody there to stop them.

I’m curious, since these businesses have posted these signs what measures are they taking to protect their patrons since they are asking their patrons not to protect themselves?  That is a question that a patron might want to ask these businesses.

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