Texas Teachers Preparing to be Armed in the Classroom

07 Apr

This is a very interesting article.  Gun free zones are literally open invitations to those who want to commit horrendous acts to do unimpeded.  The tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the movie theater in Aurora Colorado are classic examples of this.  Feel good laws, do nothing to stop the criminals who wish to perform acts of violence.  Banning firearms based on appearance as opposed to functionality are another example of “feel good” nonsense.

Anyway, it appears that more than 700 teachers in Texas showed up for a free all day class on gun safety and laws.  There are other classes that they have to take (like practical live fire) before they can carry concealed, and, the school districts in Texas can permit them to carry in the classroom.  Actually, it makes sense.  The individual responsible for the Sandy Hook carnage committed a variety of felonies before he shot one child.  He killed his mother, stole her firearms, illegally transported them, broke into the school, etc.  Feel good laws will not stop these acts of carnage.  Armed protection in the classroom will.  When an individual enters a classroom to commit a violent act what is a teacher to do?  Call 911?  Then 6-10 minutes later the police can come in to identify the victims.

Anyway, please read the article:


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