Kansas’ New Laws Supporting Gun Rights

07 Apr

First, so that there is no misunderstanding I am a member of both the NRA and the Kansas State Rifle Association.

We are fortunate that the KSRA has a president like Patricia Stoneking.  Patty has lobbied for and worked very hard for the passage of many gun rights bills, and two of the current ones are SB 102 the Second Amendment Protection Act and Senate Sub HB 2052 The Public Building Security Act.

That second one is a favorite of mine.  Simply stated, if a public building (city hall, county admin building, etc) posts a no gun sign then they have to provide adequate security and detection to make sure that criminals do not enter with a gun.  The no gun signs are respected by law abiding citizens, but then that makes them vulnerable to the actions of the criminals who don’t care about signs, except that the signs mean that the facility is wide open for devastation.

Thanks Patty……………..keep it going.


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