Napolitano & DHS – Lies and Hypocrisy

01 Apr

What a bunch of nonsense.  We’ll keep it simple.  The DHS is buying 7,000 “Personal Defense Weapons”.

What a crock.  See the article at

Now if you click on the link that the article supplies which is this for the purchase document, and go to section C, Specification, and its section 3.9.2 you will get this:

3. 9.2 The action shall be select-fire (capable of semi-automatic and automatic fire).

What nonsense.  Napolitano and the other idiot (Sen Feinstein) call the AR-15 that only fires in semi-automatic mode an assault weapon, yet the firearm that the DHS is purchasing that fires full automatic they are calling a pesonal defense weapon.

Think we’ll cover the billions of rounds of hollow point ammo and the thousands of armored vehicles in another post.

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