Proof Gun Control Doesn’t Work

31 Mar

“If gun control worked, Chicago would look like Mayberry, not Thunderdome”  Cam Edwards as quoted in the current issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine.

How true.  The gun control fanatics keep missing out on the basic, simple facts of “gun control”.  Criminals, including those bent on massive acts of violence don’t give a darn about gun control laws.  That is why universal backgrpound checks are not the answer, unless ALL mental history databases and ALL criminal databases were made available…….and even then would they be effective?

Only law abiding citizens would fill out the necessary paperwork for NICS checks, just as they do now.  The criminals aren’t going to take the time or pre-announce their intentions.

Think about it.  Can you imagine an individual, bent on committing an act of mass violence, walking into a gun shop and filling out the paperwork to legally purchase a firearm?  Does that make sense?  These ridiculous feel good laws are just that, feel good and ridiculous and non-productive.

That’s like the posting of “no guns allowed signs”.  That’s an open invitation to have a criminal do something on the premises.  That’s why most acts of mass violence were committed in those types of zones.  That’s an open invitation……………almost like leaving your car running in a parking lot, with the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

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