Stereotyping and a Lack of Common Sense

21 Mar

Sometimes the lack of common sense from some people is just unreal.  And when that comes from supposed “leaders” (like Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schimer, Michael Bloomberg) one must wonder what has happened.

Sometimes I think that this lack of common sense is a result of folks suffering from CraRec’s syndrome (more on that later).

Anyway, much has been posted all over this country about how some people just don’t understand that the AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon.  Military style?  Yes.  It looks like one.  Does it function like one? No.  Just because a firearm has a pistol grip, or a foregrip, does not mean that it is a rapid fire military assault weapon.

Sen. Cruz of Texas tried pointing that out at a recent hearing.  He showed a picture of a firearm that according to Ms Feinstein would be “acceptable”.  He then held up a foregrip next to the picture.  According to Ms Feinstein that would then make it an assault weapon.  Eventhough the firing capability of the firearm is not changed.

Those folks that keep screaming “we need to ban automatic weapons” are not very bright, since automatic weapons have been banned for civilians since 1934.  The hoops that an individual needs to go through to get one virtually insures that they will reside in collections and not be out on the street.

What Feinstein and her followers are doing is mistaking appearance for functionality.  They are judging a book by its cover, creating a stereotype just based on looks.

That’s like saying just because somebody wears baggy shorts, and wears their hat funny they are gangsters, or that because a woman dresses in a provocative manner that she is a prostitute, or because a person has bunches of tattoos that they are criminals, or because a car only seats two, is low to the ground, and has a “cool” design to it that it is a sports car.

It’s also ironic that the Department of Homeland Security has recently put out a bid for 7,000 “personal defense weapons” yet their specs call for them to have a feature known as “selective fire”.  That is the ability for the firearm to fire multiple times with a single trigger pull.  Now those are assault weapons.  The AR-15 that Feinstein wants banned and other similar items, only fire once with each pull of the trigger.

Add to all this the posting of gun free zone signs.  Amazing isn’t it?  Because the recent tragedies that has people upset occurred in gun free zones.  Huh?  Easy to explain.  A person bent on creating a tragedy doesn’t care about signs, and they know they will not be challenged in venues that have them posted.  Duhhhhhhhhhh…………Didn’t the shooter in Auriora Colorado drive past a group of theaters that did not have those signs to get to one that did?

Regardless of appearance, a semi-automatic still requires the trigger to be pulled each time to be fired, one round at a time.  It is not an assault weapon, eventhough some misguided fools label it as such.  They even use the term “military style”.  Style, appearance, is one thing.  Functionality is something else.

What is CraRec’s syndrome mentioned earlier?  That is a short form for Cranial Rectal Inversion…………that’s when one’s cranium is tightly lodged in one’s rectal passage.

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