The Truth About Assault Weapons

14 Feb

The link below was sent to me by a dear friend.  When someone tells you they are in favor of an assault weapons ban, give them the web site info below.  If they have even a modicum of intelligence and common sense they will see how wrong they are.  It’s short and easy to follow.

Then afterwards you can also explain how hypocritical the gun ban advocates are.  There are those who want to ban the made up term “assault weapons” that are semi-automatic but then the DHS (Department of Homeland Security)  wants to buy 7,000 select fire “personal defense weapons”  (select fire = full automatic).

Ironic isn’t it?  A semi-automatic in the hands of a civilian is an “assault weapon” but a “select fire” (fully automatic) in the hands of a member of the DHS is a “personal defense weapon”.

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