Kansas Gun Rights Legislative Updates

25 Jan

One of the advantages of belonging to the Kansas State Rifle Assoc (KSRA) is the email updates regarding pending legislation.  Also, since it is the state affiliated organization for the NRA one can get updates about them also.  Check out their web site at  Joining that organization may be the best $20 you ever spent.

Anyway, the current update lists a group of pending bills that I as a voter definitely support.  The one that really catches my eys is HB2055 Public Building Security Act.

Here is the brief explanation.  Currently if a city hall, county admin building, college etc is posted with one of those “no guns allowed” signs, then law abiding citizens, with CCL, will leave their guns in their cars.  But, those who want to commit dastardy deeds won’t pay attention to those signs.  So, what the bill does, it says if you post those signs, then the building operator needs to protect everyone.  As such, security personnel and things such as metal detectors need to be placed at public entrances.  This is to make sure that nobody, including the bad guys can come in with a gun.  Otherwise, as has been proven in the past, the good guys have their guns in their vehicles, and the bad guys have the run of the place.

Last year, when this was being considered, Stephanie Sharp, a member of the Board of Trustees of Johnson County Community College voiced opposition.  She made statements to the effect that the college had a police department of 19 members and a good working relationship with the Overland Park PD.  Huh?  She is, IMHO, acting like an ostrich.  Burying her head in the sand.  First, not all members of the campus PD are on duty at any one time.  Second, the PD (campus or city) will react, after the fact.  If a student or instructor has a CCL then they can stop an action or if nothing else reduce the impact.  Now, if ostriches don’t want to have lawful CCL persons carrying, then provide the proper security to protect them.  Don’t be so naive as to think a sign is going to stop a bad guy.

If you agree, please notify your state rep and state senator of how you feel. Let them know that you want HB2055 to become law.  Also, check out the other pending legislation regarding gun rights.

Also you might want to pass this info on to others that you think might be interested.  Tell them to go to


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