Gun Control Is Not The Answer

22 Dec

The recent tragedy in Newtown, CT was a tragedy.  There is no doubt about that.

Gun control laws though, are not the answer.  In Connecticut it is a felony to bring a gun into a school?  Did that stop the shooter?  In Aurora, Colorado the movie theater was a gun free zone.  Did that stop the shooter?

People need to take the emotion out of their arguments and deal with logic and facts.  Bad people, and those wishing to do harm to others will NOT abide by laws.  Law abiding citizens will honor signs that make certain areas gun free zones, thereby making themselves targets.

Allowing teachers with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons into a school would be a logical move.  A criminal entering the school could still shoot and possibly kill a few people but an armed citizen would be in a position to stop the perpetrator before it becomes a massacre.  Without arming the teachers, then you are opening the possibility to a massacre.

Strong gun control legislation can lead us down the path to a dictatorship.  This is unacceptable to what this country stands for.

The Clinton era assault weapons ban was ridiculous.  Weapons were banned as assault rifles based on appearance, as opposed to function.  I can show you dozens of cars that look like sports cars, but they aren’t.  The same holds true for certain rifles.  They may look like assault weapons, but they are not. Only the military and law enforcement have true assault wepons.

Certain individuals in our government are going to milk the Newtown tragedy for all it is worth.  It is up to freedom loving Americans to insure that logic overcomes emotion.

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