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My Email to Cong. Yoder and Sens. Roberts & Moran

Below is a copy of my email sent today to Cong. Kevin Yoder, Sen Pat Roberts and Sen Jerry Moran.

We have a President and some of his followers who apparently want to gut the Constitution of this country.  Contact your Conressperson and US Senator if you agree.

While the recent event in Newtown CT is an abomination, the kneejerk reaction to it by many is even scarier.

The call by some for more gun laws, restrictions, etc. seems to be based on emotion, not logic or facts.

 Personally, I believe in the KISS theory.  Keep it simple stupid.

 Let’s look at some known quantities.  How many felony laws did the perpetrator break?  I’m not a lawyer, but I counted 6, not including one count of felony murder for each person killed.  So, how would more gun laws, restrictions have helped?   They would not have.  A mentally imbalanced individual will not care about the consequences of their acts.  They will do whatever they can to commit their dastardly deeds.

 Now, let’s go into those classrooms.  As Mr. LaPierre said the only way to stop bad guys with guns is with good guys with guns.  When an individual goes into a classroom with a gun to commit murder what can a teacher do now?  Call 911?  Then wait 5, 10, 15 minutes?  Not a damned thing except to hope that their life insurance policy is paid up to date.  At least with armed guards including teachers it is highly likely that carnage can either be eliminated, or drastically reduced

 Arming teachers is a definite step in the right direction, and many are now in the process of doing this.  Perpetrators such as the individual in Newtown back down when confrontation is raised.  That is why he committed suicide when he heard the police sirens.

 People such as Sen. Diane Feinstein are truly annoying (not to mention hypocritical).

 One other thing that has me worried is the comments some have made that Pres. Obama might try to do something via executive order.  That smacks of a communist dictatorship.

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NRA Gets it Right

The video from the NRA press conference on 12/21/12.

Please listen to the whole thing,

They are spot on.

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Gun Control Is Not The Answer

The recent tragedy in Newtown, CT was a tragedy.  There is no doubt about that.

Gun control laws though, are not the answer.  In Connecticut it is a felony to bring a gun into a school?  Did that stop the shooter?  In Aurora, Colorado the movie theater was a gun free zone.  Did that stop the shooter?

People need to take the emotion out of their arguments and deal with logic and facts.  Bad people, and those wishing to do harm to others will NOT abide by laws.  Law abiding citizens will honor signs that make certain areas gun free zones, thereby making themselves targets.

Allowing teachers with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons into a school would be a logical move.  A criminal entering the school could still shoot and possibly kill a few people but an armed citizen would be in a position to stop the perpetrator before it becomes a massacre.  Without arming the teachers, then you are opening the possibility to a massacre.

Strong gun control legislation can lead us down the path to a dictatorship.  This is unacceptable to what this country stands for.

The Clinton era assault weapons ban was ridiculous.  Weapons were banned as assault rifles based on appearance, as opposed to function.  I can show you dozens of cars that look like sports cars, but they aren’t.  The same holds true for certain rifles.  They may look like assault weapons, but they are not. Only the military and law enforcement have true assault wepons.

Certain individuals in our government are going to milk the Newtown tragedy for all it is worth.  It is up to freedom loving Americans to insure that logic overcomes emotion.

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